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Those early January runs to work were cold! Photo: Joe Pfaller, 2018.

I Ran to Work Every Day for a Week

Since December 30th, I’ve been on a journey to save gas and make room in my schedule to exercise. It sprouted from the last year of travel. I took road […]

Flying the Sport3 135 During Quest Air Nationals Practice Days

Is it possible to have friend-overload? Being around so many encouraging, badass and lovable people has me saying, “I wanna be like them when I grow up!” My heart has […]

Hanging out above the Atlantic Ocean near Derrynane National Park on the Kerry Way. Photo: Sara Weaver, Oct. 2017.

Trail Running the Kerry Way Part 3: The End

Here’s the wrap up of my final days trail running the Kerry Way, long overdue and finally laid to rest in a bed of chocolate and sheep poop. Click here […]

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