Sara Weaver Launching at Lookout Mountain

Sweaverflies on Dark Shadows

Sweaverflies as a Sea Turtle Technician

Sara Weaver photographing the Dingle Bay

About Sara

Hang Gliding

I never even wanted to fly. I didn't have that ingrained desire described by so many of my friends, to want to spread my wings and see it all from above. As a kid, I always chose invisibility as my super power. But wings? Not interested. Then I took my first hang gliding tandem flight in 2013, and suddenly, there was no turning back. I had to fly.

Rock Climbing

Climbing was different. I can tell you every climbable tree on my family's 4 acre lot. I'd make pulley systems to haul my toys and homework into the branches so I could spend more time off the ground. When I decided to attend college, there were three facts: 1. I'd go to a big university, 2. I'd find the climbing club, 3. I'd climb rocks. And here I am.


On a flying trip in 2013, I was approached by a friend who needed more female guides for his adventure company. He offered an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland, in exchange for my work. Months later, I was on the Dingle Peninsula, leading several new hikers on a trek through the rolling hills. It was my first introduction to budget travel, and now I can't stop.

Sea Turtle Conservation 

A girl's gotta make money somehow. I graduated from Purdue University in May 2016 with a bachelor's in wildlife and environmental science and began my journey on Georgia's Atlantic coast as a sea turtle technician. During the summers, I monitor turtle activity, record data, and conduct research and conservation on these incredible creatures. It really can't get better than that!