My Adventures

Those early January runs to work were cold! Photo: Joe Pfaller, 2018.

I Ran to Work Every Day for a Week

Since December 30th, I’ve been on a journey to save gas and make room in my schedule to exercise. It sprouted from the last year of travel. I took road ...
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Flying the Sport3 135 During Quest Air Nationals Practice Days

Is it possible to have friend-overload? Being around so many encouraging, badass and lovable people has me saying, "I wanna be like them when I grow up!" My heart has ...
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Hanging out above the Atlantic Ocean near Derrynane National Park on the Kerry Way. Photo: Sara Weaver, Oct. 2017.

Trail Running the Kerry Way Part 3: The End

Here's the wrap up of my final days trail running the Kerry Way, long overdue and finally laid to rest in a bed of chocolate and sheep poop. Click here ...
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I trail ran the Kerry Way in 2017, and this is the story. Photo: Sara Weaver, Oct. 2017.

Trail Running the Kerry Way: Part 2

This is the 2nd part in a series about my trail run of the Kerry Way. If you haven't read part 1 yet, click here! I've changed the structure a bit ...
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Trail Running the Kerry Way: Part 1

    In September and October 2017, I spent 24 days in Ireland, hiking and trail running two of the most well-known long distance trails in the country. As a ...
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A Wassaw Summer – One Story

You can't categorize a place in a single season, with a camera, from the fragmented perspective of just one person. But Wassaw Island, for however fleeting a moment, was mine ...
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Launch Line Up at Midwest 2017, with Sara Weaver bringing up the back in her Wills Wing Sport2. Photo and Editing: Audray Luck, 2017.

Midwest 2017 – A New Pilot’s Experience with Competitive Hang Gliding

    June 4th, 2017 marked my inaugural flight in the world of competitive hang gliding. Although I’d participated in a mentored competition once before, this time I was truly on ...
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Loggerheads that decide to lay their eggs first thing in the morning are called dawn turtles and make for the best pictures! Photo: Joe Pfaller, 2015.

Nights Among Loggerheads with the Caretta Research Project

I started my second summer in the world of sea turtle conservation as an intern for Caretta Research Project (CPR) on Wassaw Island in Georgia on May 13th. First order ...
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Bringing my glider in after a very successful and difficult day in the sky, beside my teammate, Lee Silver. Green Swamp Sport Klassic 2017. Photo: Max Kotchouro.

My Final Flight of the Green Swamp Sport Klassic, April 1, 2017

The Green Swamp Sport Klassic is an annual mentored competition organized by Davis Straub at Quest Air Soaring Center in Groveland, Florida. We had excellent conditions all week, several people ...
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A box turtle crossing the road

#TurtleCast – Helping Terrestrial Turtles in the Spring

This #TurtleCast video describes how to handle terrestrial turtles and what to do if you see one crossing the road. Rule #1Move a turtle that's crossing the road to the ...
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Boat Towing on Lake Minneola

Boat Towing on Lake Minneola, Florida, March 21-22, 2017

After an already epic day aerotowing, flying cross country, and enjoying top of lift at 6000 feet, the Questies adventured to Lake Minneola to boat tow. Jeremy Armstrong brought a ...
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Rubio's Tacos

The Great Groveland Taco Quest

Cloudy skies at Quest call for epic taco adventures! In the 2.6 miles between Supermercado Jalisco and Mi Guanajuato, there’s at least 7 places to satisfy a rainy day taco ...
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Hang Gliding at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, March 5th, 2017

Yesterday, conditions at Quest were east and gusty, so we decided to make the pilgrimage to New Smyrna for some good ole fashion dune goonin. Launch was far from desirable, ...
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Sweaverflies as a Sea Turtle Technician

Sea Turtle Technician: Best Job EVER?

During the summer, I spend my time on the Atlantic coast of Georgia doing one of the best jobs on the planet: sea turtle conservation. I’m often told, “That’s amazing! ...
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